Antoine Bandele


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The Legend of The Kishi

"Be wary of handsome men,"

To us our mother once said.

"Don't forget Ife who was lost to the rocks.

In love with a man's charm and flowing locs.

But tricked she was, deceived right and proper.

Oh yes, that man was a real heart stopper.

No man at all was he, but a demon sharp and sly.

Behind his head hid a beast. No one heard her cry."




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Debut Novel

An African fantasy inspired by the Angola folklore of the kishi!

The Kishi—shape-shifting demons who lure young women to gruesome deaths. 

They can’t be real, can they?

Something has slain a villager, and the locals point their fingers at Amana, a pacifist monk running from his dark past. 

But Amana knows there’s something else, something much darker, lurking in the village.

Can he save the village, his name, and his principles? To save one would mean the sacrifice of the others, if he has the strength.

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